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The One



Like moonlight you came

And I was bewitched.



And from the moonlight

From whence you came..

You left me..




I scoured the heavens

And all the earth

But you were lost to me

Then on a day

Of hellish triumph

I caught a glimpse of you..

It was then I understood

What it is that I must do

Deny the heavens.

Descend to hell.

Just to be with you..


Skin :: Glam Affair Katya

Hair :: Truth Tyler

Wings :: Deviance Sidhe Wings Seelie RARE  (Fantasy Gacha Carnival October Round 2014)

Gown :: Rebel Hope

Bloody Tears :: Repulse Face Tattoo (Free on MP!)

Mesh Lids :: sLink

Hands and feet :: sLink

Cuff :: Baiastice Pearls Leather Cuff White RARE (Arcade June Round 2014)

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